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2011-08-08 18:08:24 by MarnicX

Okay some might be wondering what's taking episode six SO LONG to get uploaded. Well here it is, it's 14.4 MB and Newgrounds has a 10 MB limit >>. I might have to try defragging it and removing some of the stuff.


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2011-08-10 01:02:32

how come you have low score on all sonic flashes if there so awesome?

(Updated ) MarnicX responds:

The reason that I hear the most is because most the sprite animators on this site are thick-headed dick faces who can't get past rating an animation based on how they think it should be made. It's not polite to knock off somebody's work just because it's not EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME WAY that person animates


2011-08-12 22:02:02

cool cool all you flashes are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know why you dont have 5.00 in your sonic flash scores , so please make a sonic transformasions , dark spine , hyper forms, dark forms, excalibur, warewolf, super forms like super sonic 3 and more tons of them i will put 5 every day promise!!!


2011-08-12 22:03:55

ok im sorry why the animators are like that just keep on working i give you ideas if you want for sonic nega unleashed episode 6. good job!!


2011-08-24 03:24:03

you need to ask tom fulp to raise the size limit but i don't think he will agree because you're flashes weight a lot because of too many effects and it's called size abuse and tom fulp don't raise the size limit if there are too many effects anyway try it you need to send him a link to the video and he'll decide


2011-11-29 13:45:49

If you want to know why you have low scores, I think I can give a little explanation:

1) Sonic sprite flashes aren't as popular anymore. - I know it's not fair, but thanks to guys like Alvin-Earthworm, the bar for these flashes has been set high. Combined with the flood of shitty ripoffs that have followed left a lot people sick of them. That doesn't mean you can't make a good one, it just means you have to try harder.

2) Your story makes little sense. - I'm sure to you, it makes perfect sense, but to us the audience it's hard to follow. There's too many characters introduced too quickly. It's not clear who is on who's side and what they're fighting over. Nor is it clear why they have so many transformations. Another thing too, you keep saying "This is their final form, maximum power, etc" only to have them power up more later. It's not consistent. You need to give each character a limited set of abilities and stick with them, only making up new ones in rare occasions. That will make it easier for the audience to follow. If you want higher scores, you want to try and appeal to as many people as you can, not just the select few fans of yours who might have figured out what's going on.

3) Treating your audience like shit. - People do read your reviews and they'll see that you badmouth those who don't give you praise/high scores. Even those that are trying to offer you constructive criticism (like I'm doing now). I know you said that you don't have access to these fla files anymore, but that doesn't mean you won't make more right? When someone tells you to improve on something and you tell them to fuck off. That just says that you don't care about your audience or about improving your flashes. It'll lead to more people voting 0.

I thought the voices I added to my Pokemon ep 6 were pretty damn good, but a lot of people criticized them (which I found disappointing). Instead of telling those people to go have sex with their dads, I thanked them for their input and I plan to use it to improve on episode 7. Do you get what I'm saying?


2011-12-13 19:10:41

hmmm... have you worked on that video where all the forms of all the characters?