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Deal with it

2011-07-28 21:45:25 by MarnicX

NOTE: These Flash's are old! I just don't feel like re-uploading them to "Queer"-Tube. Someone I know has done that already. The are, again, OLD Flash'. They were originally made around the time of Sonic Unleashed and and so "Queer"-Tube forced me to delete them due to my title being "related" to Sonic Unleashed's title. So if you want me to change the animations, TOO FUCKING BAD! THE FLA'S ARE LONG GONE! So yeah, deal with it.


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2011-07-29 01:39:19

hi im new wanna be friends


2011-07-29 02:11:18

Umm Its Not much of a problem


2011-07-29 02:41:53

do what you want


2011-07-29 13:28:28

s'ok dude, yoru old ones were pretty good! at least you weren't as bad as ss124.

MarnicX responds:

Hey! ss124 is great!!! Helped me with 90% of the sprites AND was one of the people who inspired me to work in Flash! So don't dis him, without him NSU would NEVER have been made


2011-07-30 16:34:26

Instead of uploading the old ones, why dont you make new ones in flash?

MarnicX responds:

have too many important things to do


2011-08-01 20:03:06

sure... i think...