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2011-07-22 22:47:13 by MarnicX

I'll upload stuff, and you'll watch them. Simple as that. I don't care what you say about them.


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2011-07-22 23:00:55

Well remember. If you shut yourself off from criticism, you'll never improve.


2011-07-23 15:35:56

well you dont have to be bothered by annoying comments like "you must die" or etc but i think you must be open minded to some comments and suggestions


2011-07-23 15:37:25

i almost forgot: welcome to NG!


2011-07-23 20:10:41

Hey bud, glad you're back! :D


2011-07-24 08:49:08

What's up?


2011-07-24 14:36:16

That's not a good asttitude. What if someone actually has something to offer through feedback? After all they are YOUR audience, you wouldnt be a good flash artist if you weren't willing to listen.


2011-07-24 16:11:55

Chdonga Is Right If You Shut Yourself Off From Criticism, You'll Never Improve, Like Me, A lot Of People Would Say That My Flashes Weren't Very Good, And They Would Tell Me, So I Took Those Comments And I Made My Flash Better.


2011-07-24 20:36:41

you'll never improve if you don't take criticism, or even agree with people.